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Pages is a word processor and page layout application. When Pages is first opened, users are presented with a template chooser which allows them to start with a blank document or with a predesigned template—including a basic, report, letter, résumé, envelope, business card, flyers & posters, cards, miscellaneous, and a newsletter section of templates—that contains placeholder text and images which can be replaced by dragging and dropping photos from the Media Browser. 

Apple Pages Training Apple Official pages training

Audience: This course is ideal for those wishing to unleash the power of Apple Pages. No prior knowledge is required.
Pages – A powerful word processor that gives you everything you need to create documents that look beautiful. And read beautifully. Pages lets you work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And even work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Word.

We are happy to arrange for a trainer to contact you to help tailor you course.
Course Duration: 1 day.



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After completing this course, students will be able to:

• Open documents • Create and Edit documents • Save documents • Work with Templates and Placeholders • Format documents • Page Formatting • Work with Text • Use Styles • Use Rulers and Tabs • Create Lists • Create Tables • Create Charts • Add Images and Other Media • Manipulate Images and Other Objects • Work with Shapes • Add Internet, Email and Document links • Print documents • Export documents



Course Outline

Module 1: Planning Your Document

  • Using a template vs. starting from scratch
  • Preparing images
  • Preparing graphics
  • Writing text in Pages
  • Organising assets in the finder

Module 2: Viewing a Document

  • Moving around within a document
  • Showing or hiding a document’s layout
  • Displaying pages side by side
  • Zooming in and out of a document
  • Displaying word count and other document statistics
  • Displaying a document’s file information

Module 3: Saving Documents

  • Saving a document
  • Reverting to last saved version
  • Backing up the previous version
Module 4: Working with Templates and Placeholders
  • Using a template
  • Editing an image placeholder
  • Creating an image placeholder
  • Replacing placeholder text
  • Creating a text placeholder
  • Creating your own template
  • Specifying a default template
Module 5: Document Formatting
  • Choosing page size and orientation
  • Formatting left and right pages differently
  • Formatting a document in multiple columns
  • Dividing a document into chapters or sections
  • Specifying section attributes
  • Creating a common background image for multiple pages
  • Adding document headers and footers
  • Deleting pages
Module 6: Page Formatting
  • Modifying text columns
  • Inserting a column break
  • Varying the number of text columns on a page
  • Inserting pre-formatted pages into a document
  • Saving a Pages format to insert in another location
  • Managing saved page formats
  • Inserting Pages numbers
  • Changing the starting page number for a document or section
  • Inserting the date or time
  • Inserting footnotes
Module 7: Working with Text
  • Entering and editing text
  • Changing font, size and colour
  • Adjusting space between text characters
  • Changing text alignment
  • Combining text characters with ligatures
  • Typing special characters and symbols
  • Adding text shadows
  • Using spell check
  • Finding and replacing text

Module 8: Using Styles

  • Paragraph styles
  • Specifying a style for the following paragraph
  • Character styles
  • List styles
  • Copying and pasting styles
  • Importing styles from another document

Module 9: Rulers and Tabs

  • Using the document rulers
  • Changing paragraph indentation
Module 10: Creating Lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Bulleted lists
  • Ordered Lists
Module 11: Creating Tables
  • Creating a table
  • Adding and deleting table rows and columns
  • Merging and splitting table cells
  • Moving or copying table cells
  • Formatting table and table cell borders
  • Changing table backgrounds
  • Adding an image inside a table cell
Module 12: Creating Charts
  • Choosing a chart type
  • Entering or editing chart data
  • Formatting axis labels and the legend
  • Displaying a grid behind chart data
  • Changing chart colours and borders
  • Adjusting the distance between chart bars and wedges
  • Adding descriptive text to a chart
Module 13: Adding Images and Other Media
  • Adding an image to a document
  • Adding an image inside a text box or shape
  • Adding a movie to a document
  • Adding a sound file to a document
Module 14: Manipulating Images and Other Objects
  • Masking a portion of an image
  • Creating an image placeholder
  • Creating a common background image for multiple pages
  • Resizing an object
  • Flipping an object
  • Adjusting an object’s transparency
  • Fixing an object on a page
  • Moving fixed objects forward or backward
Module 15: Working with Shapes
  • Adding a shape
  • Changing the border style of a shape
  • Adding an image or text inside a shape
Module 16: Adding Internet, Email and Document links
  • Adding a hyperlink to a Web page
  • Adding an email hyperlink
  • Adding a bookmark hyperlink
  • Editing a hyperlink
Module 17: Printing
  • Page setup
  • Previewing a document before printing
  • Printing a document
Module 18: Exporting
  • Exporting a document for use in another application
  • Exporting a document as a PDF file
  • Exporting a document as a text file
  • Exporting a document as an HTML page