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Our Excel Intermediate Training Course

we offer a range of Excel training courses in the uk at your office. We provide Word courses from beginner to advanced levels. Our Excel courses can be tailored to best suit your requirements and can be provided in a variety of delivery styles, including group bookings and 1-2-1, at your location or via video link

Microsoft Excel Intermediate course outline.


  • Use Excel formulas confidently
  • Manipulate data with text functions
  • Use Logical and Lookup functions
  • Link Worksheets
  • Analyse Worksheet Data
  • Protect Excel documents
  • Save time formatting worksheets
  • Restrict data entry using rules and drop down lists



This Microsoft Excel Intermediate training course is designed for users with some experience working with Excel wanting to broaden their knowledge. including more advanced formulae and functions.

Duration When Online

This is a 1 day Excel Intermediate course. The course Lasts 6 hours and can start between 9am and  1pm Alternate timings can be arranged upon request. The course can be held on a date that suits you.


Our Microsoft Excel Introduction course can be run at your offices  or any preferred location in the UK or Via video link online.

online training

Course Content

Essential Formulas

  • Entering and copying formulas quickly and easily
  • Using Absolute references in formulas
  • Date calculations
  • TODAY, NOW and NETWORKDAY functions
  • Using named ranges in formulas

Manipulating data with text formulas

  • Concatenation; joining data together
  • Fixing formula results using Paste as Values
  • Splitting data using Text to Columns
  • Changing case using UPPER, LOWER and PROPER
  • Extracting data using LEFT, RIGHT and MID
  • Dealing with space characters using LEN and TRIM
  • Using FlashFill to manipulate data

Logical and Lookup Formulas

  • Aggregate data using the COUNTIFS and SUMIFS functions
  • IFERROR and IFNA functions for correcting error values
  • Using the IF, IFS and SWITCH functions for decision making
  • AND, OR, XOR and NOT functions
  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions

Linking Worksheets

  • Moving the cell pointer from one worksheet to another
  • Copying data from one worksheet to another
  • Entering formulas to link related worksheets
  • Linking Excel workbook files
  • Formatting multiple worksheets in one operation
  • Moving and copying worksheets

Analysing Worksheet Data

  • What is a Table?
  • Tables or Ranges?
  • Sorting ranges and tables
  • Filtering lists and tables using AutoFilter
  • Adding Subtotals and nested Subtotals
  • Creating a Pivot Table report
  • Changing the summary function in a Pivot Table report
  • Use Spreadsheet Compare
  • 3D Maps

Protecting Excel documents

  • Locking and Unlocking cells
  • Worksheet protection
  • Workbook protection
Save Time Formatting Worksheets
  • Excel Styles
  • Modify Normal Style to format all the worksheet cells
  • Create custom number and date formats
  • Excel workbook template files
  • Creating and using Templates
Data Validation
  • Restricting data entry for ranges using validation rules
  • Setting the input message and error alert
  • Creating drop down lists


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– All our trainers are Microsoft accredited and experienced. You will have peace of mind knowing that our trainers have been personally interviewed and assessed by us for their product knowledge, communication and delivery skill



On-site Courses – our courses can be delivered on-site at your business premises. we adhere to strict covid guidance Live

Online Courses – our training courses can be delivered on-line with a live tutor via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Web-ex virtual classroom software. COVID-19: Whilst the

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