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Microsoft Certified profesional

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Courses.

PowerPoint Start to Finish, this course can be delivered 1 day or 2 day format. most people opt for the 2 day course when doing the exams.

Setting up a basic presentation.

  • What is PowerPoint used for
  • Creating a new presentation
  • Adding text to slides
  • Adding used slides
  • Moving around- slide sorter view
  • Adding speaker’s notes.

Modify the design

Modify slide masters, handout masters, and note masters

  • Change the slide master theme or background
  • Modify slide master content
  • Create slide layouts
  • Modify slide layouts
  • Modify the handout master
  • Modify the notes master

Change presentation options and views

  • Change slide size
  • Display presentations in different views
  • Set basic file properties
Configure print settings for presentations
  • Print all or part of a presentation
  • Print notes pages
  • Print handouts
  • Print in colour, grayscale, or black and white

Configure and present slide shows

  • Create custom slide shows
  • Configure slide show options
  • Rehearse slide show timing
  • Set up slide show recording options
  • Present slide shows by using Presenter View
Prepare presentations for collaboration
  • Present slide shows by using Presenter View
  • Protect presentations by using passwords
  • Inspect presentations for issues
  • Add and manage comments
  • Preserve presentation content
  • Export presentations to other format
Working with slides
Insert slides
  • Import Word document outlines
  • Insert slides from another presentation
  • Insert slides and select slide layouts
  • Insert Summary Zoom slides
  • Duplicate slides
Modify slides
  • Hide and unhide slides
  • Modify individual slide backgrounds
  • Insert slide headers, footers, and page numbers
Order and group slides
  • Create sections 
  • Modify slide order 
  • Rename sections
Format text
  • Apply formatting and styles to text 
  • Format text in multiple columns
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists
Insert links
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Insert Section Zoom links and Slide Zoom links
Insert and format images
  • Resize and crop images
  • Apply built-in styles and effects to images
  • Insert screenshots and screen clippings
insert and format graphic elements
  • Insert and change shapes
  • Add text to shapes and text boxes
  • Draw by using digital ink
  • Resize shapes and text boxes
  • Format shapes and text boxes
  • Apply built-in styles to shapes and text boxes
  • Add ALT text to graphic elements for accessibility
Order and group objects on slides
  • Order shapes, images, and text boxes
  • Align shapes, images, and text boxes
  • Group shapes and images Display alignment tools
Insert and format tables
  • Create and insert tables
  • Insert and delete table rows and columns
  • Create and insert tables
  • Apply built-in table styles
Insert and modify charts 
  • Create and insert charts 
  • Modify charts
Insert and format SmartArt graphics
  • Insert SmartArt graphics
  • Convert lists to SmartArt graphics
  • Add and modify SmartArt graphic content
Insert and modify 3D models
  • Insert 3D models 
  • Modify 3D models
Insert and manage media
  • Insert audio and video clips
  • Create and insert screen recordings
  • Configure media playback options
Apply and configure slide transitions
  • Apply basic and 3D slide transitions 
  • Configure transition effects

Animate slide content
  • Animate text and graphic elements 
  • Animate 3D models
  • Configure animation effects 
  • Configure animation paths 
  • Reorder animations on a slide
Set timing for transitions
  • Set transition effect duration
  • Configure transition start and finish options



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Quick PowerPoint Tips

Add transitions to your slides (no more than 3 is ideal).

Done well, transitions can add a little bit of movement and showmanship to your presentation. PowerPoint has several transitions built in for you to choose from.

To access them, select the "Transitions" tab from the top ribbon. From there, you can select a transition for it to preview on your screen. To customize it further, click "Effect Options" and play with the features to find something that suits your liking. To remove a transition, select "Transitions" and click "None."


Add animations to your slides (Dont over do this less is more).

Like transitions, animations can add movement, reveal information, and help you underscore the points you want to hit during your speech. To animate an element, follow these steps:

  1. Select the element you want animated by clicking on it.
  2. Choose "Animations" from the top ribbon.
  3. You'll have the option to choose from several effects displayed in the ribbon.
  4. Clicking on one will give you a preview.
  5. To customize the animation, select "Effect Options."
  6. To remove an animation, click "None" in the ribbon.

Some of the ways to customize animations include:

  • On Click
  • With Previous
  • After Previous
  • Duration
  • Delay

These describe how you want the effect to behave, so play around with them until you find an effect that suits your liking.

You'll also have the option to move animations around as you edit your slides with the "Reorder Animation" function in the top ribbon.

Save your presentation.(do this on a regular basis set up auto save to 7 mins)

Click "File" and "Save", making sure to specify which folder or destination you want your PowerPoint to be stored.

Run your presentation.(It's always good to do a trial run to ensure that your slides are set up properly)

To present your PowerPoint, go to the "Slide Show" tab and click "Play from Start". The slide will cover your whole screen, blocking out your desktop and PowerPoint software. This is so your audience (in this case, you for the trial run) is solely focused on the visual elements of your presentation.


Quick Word Tips

Create tables in Microsoft Word by typing a plus (+) to start the table and tab until you want the table cell or table to end. For example, in the example below we have three + symbols, each separated by a single tab. When you press Enter after the final plus, Word provides you with an empty table similar to the one below.

+         +         +

word table created using + and the tab key

Close all

Close all open Microsoft Word and Excel files by holding down the Shift key and clicking "File" and then "Close All".