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Microsoft Sway Training Course.

Course Outline Microsoft sway

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Sway
Module 1 Launch Sway

  • What is Sway?
  • Starting Sway
  • Viewing Featured Sway Projects
  • Navigating a Sway Project

Module 2 Create a New Sway Project

  • Creating a Blank Sway Project
  • Creating a Project from a Topic
  • Creating a Project from a Template
  • Creating a Project from a Document
  • Interface Overview

Module 3: Create and Manage Cards

  • About the Title Card
  • Creating a Card
  • Adding Images to a Card
  • Setting Card Emphasis
  • Editing a Card
  • Selecting Cards
  • Grouping Cards
  • Moving a Card
  • Deleting a Card

Module 4 Manage Sway Projects

  • Saving a Project
  • Editing a Project
  • Searching a Project
  • Playing a Sway Project
  • Sway and Responsive Design


Lesson 2: Work with Text and Images

Module 5: Format Text

  • Creating Headings
  • Adding Emphasis and Accents
  • Creating Lists
  • Adding Links

Module 6: Add Media

  • Creating a Video Card
  • Adding a YouTube Video
  • Adding Audio
  • Adding a File
  • Embedding Other Objects

Lesson 3: Graphics and Design

Module 7: Work with Images

  • Adding Backgrounds
  • Setting Image Focus Points
  • Adding a Caption and Alternative Text

Module 8: Customize Image Display

  • Creating a Stack Group
  • Creating a Comparison Group
  • Creating a Slideshow Group
  • Creating a Photo Grid

Module 9: Set Design Options

  • Choosing a Style
  • Choosing a Design
  • Using Remix
  • Customizing Styles

Lesson 4: Working with a Sway Project

Module 10: Edit Sway Projects

  • Viewing Projects
  • Duplicating a Project
  • Deleting a Project
  • Viewing and Managing Deleted Projects


Module 11: Share a Sway Project

  • Creating a Quick Link
  • Sharing Your Project with Other Users
  • Inviting Others to Edit Your Project
  • Sharing Your Project on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  • Creating a Visual Link
  • Setting Advanced Sharing Options

Module 12: Set Sway Project Options

  • Changing Sway Project Settings
  • Using Accessibility Tools
  • Saving a Sway Project as a Template
  • Printing a Sway Project
  • Exporting a Sway Project


What is Microsoft Sway vs PowePoint?

Not all presentations are created equal, and the two programs ultimately serve different purposes. Both can create content beyond just presentations.

PowerPoint is still the king of the slide deck and works best for content that will have a presenter. It can also be used to make simple videos, including screen recordings.

Sway can be used to create interactive presentations and content that don’t need a presenter. Sway works well with both image heavy (like portfolios) and text-heavy content (like reports).



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