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Microsoft Teams Training Course.

Audience: This Microsoft Teams Training course is intended to help all users get started with Teams, use messages and channels, communicate in different ways, and customise Teams settings. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable using the Teams app in their day-to-day workflow.

Course Duration: 1 day.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Communicating in Channels
  • Using Other Communication Tools
  • Customise Channels
  • Inserting images and tables


Teams Course Outline

Module 1 Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

  • What is Microsoft Teams?

  • Launching Microsoft Teams

  • The Microsoft Teams Interface

  • Creating a New Team

  • Adding Members to Your Team

  • Changing Teams

  • Leaving a Team

  • Using Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps

 Module 2 Customizing Your Teams Experience

  • About Channels

  • Viewing Channels

  • Creating a Channel

  • Marking a Channel as a Favourite

  • Following and Unfollowing a Channel

Module 3 Posting Messages

  • Posting a Message

  • Expanding the Compose Box

  • Editing a Message

  • Replying to a Message

  • Adding Files to a Message

  • Deleting a Message

Module 4 Getting Help with Microsoft Teams

  • Using the Help Center

  • Using T-Bot

  • Viewing New Features

  • Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Using Slash Commands

Module 5 Communicating in Channels
Managing Messages

  • Identifying New Messages

  • Marking Messages as Read and Unread

  • Liking a Message

  • Saving a Message

  • Using Mentions

  • Using Announcements

  • Viewing Your Activity

  • Searching in Teams

Module 6 Managing Files in a Channel

  • Viewing Posted Files

  • Creating a New File

  • Uploading a File

  • Managing Files

  • Moving Files

Module 7 Using the Wiki

  • Viewing the Wiki

  • Creating Wiki Content

  • Creating Sections and Pages

  • Navigating Through the Wiki

  • Accessing Section Options

  • Accessing Page Options

Module 8 Using Chat

  • Starting a Chat

  • Replying to a Chat Message

  • Continuing a Chat

  • Adding Other Users to the Chat

  • Using Chat Message Features

  • Scheduling a Meeting from a Chat Message

  • Starting Audio or Video Calls

  • Overview of Chat Tabs

  • Managing Chats

Module 9 Managing Meetings

  • Using the Meetings Tab

  • Using Agenda View

  • Scheduling a Meeting

  • Editing a Meeting

  • Joining a Meeting

  • Cancelling a Meeting

Module 10 Managing Files in Teams

  • Using the Files Tab in Teams

  • Viewing Files

  • Managing Files

  • Adding and Managing Cloud Storage

Module 11 Customizing Channels

  • Renaming a Channel

  • Accessing the Channel Email Address and Link

  • Accessing the Team’s SharePoint Page

  • Deleting a Channel

Module 12 Adding Tabs to a Channel

  • Adding a Tab

  • Using Tab Conversations

  • Renaming a Tab

  • Removing a Tab

Module 13 Adding Connectors to a Channel

  • Adding a Connector

  • Changing Connector Settings

  • Changing Connector Accounts

  • Removing a Connector

Module 14 Customise the Teams Experience
Managing Your Teams Profile

  • Updating Your Profile Picture

  • Changing Your Status

  • Changing Your Teams Settings

  • Logging Out of Teams

Module 15 Managing Teams

  • Editing the Team

  • Accessing Advanced Team Settings

  • Managing Team Members

  • Managing Channels

  • Managing Settings

  • Managing Apps

  • Deleting the Team

Module 16 Adding Apps and Bots

  • Opening the Store

  • Installing an App

  • Using Apps

  • Managing Apps

  • Removing Apps

  • Using Bots


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